Play Online Pokies with Free Spins

Imagine a gambling scenario like this one: If you win, you win a real money payout; if you lose, you lose, you lose … nothing at all.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? It might even sound too good to be true, but it’s not. It actually happens every day, and it can happen to you when you play online pokies with Free Spins.

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What Are Free Spins?

Ordinarily, when you play pokies online, the first step is always to place a bet. Then you spin the reels, and if they end up on a winning combination, you win a prize; if not, you lose your bet. That’s why they call it gambling: sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

With Free Spins, it’s different. You don’t place a bet, you just spin the reels. As with regular gambling, if the reels end up on a winning combination, you win a prize, but unlike regular gambling, if they do not end up on a winning combination, you do not lose anything.

With Free Spins, if you win, you win; if you lose, you break even. Isn’t that a great way to gamble?

How Do You Get Free Spins?

One of the great things you’ll discover when you play pokies online at Fair Go is that most of our pokies come loaded with a Free Spins feature. The way it works is that whenever you get a certain combination of symbols on the reels, you receive a reward in the form of Free Spins. The combination of symbols you need is always spelled out clearly in the rules of the game, so you will never be playing in the dark. For example:

  • In Lion’s Lair, Free Spins are triggered by three or more Lair symbols.
  • In Crystal Waters, Free Spins are triggered by three or more Yacht symbols.
  • In Aztec’s Treasure, Free Spins are triggered by three or more Idol symbols.
  • In Witch’s Brew, Free Spins are triggered by three or more Goblin Blood symbols.

The Three Stooges, of course, don’t believe in rules, so in The Three Stooges: Brideless Groom pokies, the Free Spins can just appear, at any random moment, with no specific trigger. Needless to say, they call it the Lucky Stooge Feature.

How Many Free Spins Can You Get?

The rules of each pokies game differ, so let’s take a look at a few representative games to see how many Free Spins you can get when you play pokies online. Here they are:

  • In Lion’s Lair, three or more Lairs trigger 12 Free Spins.
  • In Crystal Waters, three or more Yachts trigger 15 Free Spins.
  • In Aztec’s Treasure, three Idols trigger 5 Free Spins, four Idols trigger 15 Free Spins, and five Idols trigger 25 Free Spins.
  • In Witch’s Brew, three Goblin Blood Vials trigger 10 Free Spins, four Goblin Blood Vials trigger 25 Free Spins, and five Goblin Blood Vials trigger 125 Free Spins!

Free Spins with Multipliers

Free Spins with Multipliers are one of the greatest things you can encounter when you play pokies online. Not only do you get the benefits of Free Spins—the chance to win real prizes without any risk of loss—but the real prizes you win can be astonishingly large.

Suppose that the Pay Table of some hypothetical online pokies game says that three Kangaroos pays 100 coins. Well, if you are playing with a 2X multiplier, then those same three Kangaroos will pay 200 coins. With a 3X multiplier, they pay 300 coins, and so on.

Of course, the games at Fair Go Casino are not hypothetical. They are real online pokies with real money prizes and many of them have Free Spins with multipliers of 2X, 3X, and even as high as 5X, and that can mean some very lucrative prizes for you, the online pokies player.

Imaginative Free Spins Features in Asgard

There is really no limit to the extra bonuses and features and attractions that creative game developers can come up with in a Free Spins pokies game. Just take a look at Asgard, the online pokies game with four unique Free Spins Features:

  • The Goddess Feature has 15 Free Spins with 3X Multiplier
  • The Loki’s Magic has 20 Free Spins with extra Blue Wild symbols
  • The Thunder God Feature has 25 Free Spins with Wild Multipliers
  • The Valhalla Feature has 30 Free Spins with Morphing Symbols and increasing multipliers on every morph

Those are four very good reasons to take a trip to Asgard, home to the mighty gods and goddesses of Norse legend, a masterpiece of the very talented artists and developers of Fair Go Casino, and a great place for Free Spins.

Have Fun Playing Free Spins Pokies

It’s always fun to play pokies online, and it’s especially fun to play pokies with Free Spins at Fair Go Online Casino. Have fun, and good luck, playing the Free Spins Pokies!

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