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What is Neosurf?

Safe, anonymous, instant

Neosurf is a prepaid card that allows you to make online purchases if don’t have a credit card. The beauty of Neosurf and the reason why we here at Fair Go love it so much is that with it you get a safe and simple alternative when making online transactions. Some other reasons why we’re such big fans of Neosurf prepaid cards include:

    • They can be purchased in literally thousands of convenience stores, supermarkets, gas stations, newsagencies, kiosks and internet cafes across Australia.
    • There’s no need to provide personal information when you buy a Neosurf card, which ensures any and all transactions are 100% anonymous.
    • Your Neosurf card is ready to use immediately upon purchase, meaning you can play with Fair Go sooner rather than later.

Read our blog article to find out more about Neosurf.




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Deposit with Neosurf

Follow the Steps

Here’s how you can deposit using a Neosurf prepaid card today:

1) Purchase a Neosurf card from your nearest retailer;

2) Log into your Fair Go account and click ‘Deposit’;

3) Choose ‘Neosurf’ as your deposit method;

4) Enter the 10-character pin into the specified field;

5) Select the amount you’d like to deposit;

6) Enjoy having your account credited instantly.

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200% bonus 

Deposit with Neosurf today

Take advantage of the following bonus when you deposit with Neosurf:

1) 200% bonus to triple your deposit