The term “Black Friday” was traditionally used to mark the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the States. Since then it’s evolved to become a marketing term for one of the most popular shopping days in the calendar year. Highly promoted in-store sales, extended opening hours and package deals specifically created for the event are all offered by various businesses in an attempt to lure in shoppers looking for too-good-to-pass-up prices.
Needless to say, Black Friday and its more modern online equivalent Cyber Monday have caught on in Australia. We can now also take part in these two incredibly commercialised days and go on a shopping binge totally guilt-free. Because if there’s one thing we’re good at here in Australia, it’s striking up a solid bargain. Tell ‘em they’re dreaming, anyone?

If searching for in-store specials and digging up online discounts doesn’t get your blood pumping though, the team at Australia’s most popular online casino have come up with 10 funny ways you can celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Hopefully they’ll help you turn these two days into more than just an excuse to spend money and motivate you to actually have a little bit of fun with your friends and family.

1. Sell everything you own at a discounted price

Sell it all. Everything you own.

From your stinky socks to your soggy bathroom mats, list it all for sale out the front of your house or online and get rid of it at a discounted price. You don’t need clothes anyway, especially when you can just walk around town in a bed sheet like an ancient Roman.

Shoes? Nothing but a hinderance to achieving that perfect toe tan. Our ancestors thrived in the wilderness with nothing but sticks and stones and you can too. As a Fair Go member though, we suggest hanging onto your phone or laptop. You wouldn’t want people to think you’ve gone totally mad, right?

2. Put a ‘For Sale’ sign on your best mate’s car

Get ready for maximum yuks with this one.

All that’s needed to remind your mate that on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, everything is on sale, is to grab a for sale sign and put it on his car, presumably when he’s not in it. Of course, he’ll probably realise that you’ve tried to sell his vehicle without his permission once he’s sees this sign. The real kicker of this prank is that you can also list it on an online classified site, making sure to use include his name and number in the contact details.

After all the hard work has been done you can then invite yourself over to his house and watch the show. He’ll be fielding calls from people all over Australia if you put the price low enough. All the while you’ll be sniggering behind your hand as he tells Terry from Toowoomba “for the last bloody time my car isn’t for sale”.


3. Make a family competition out of who can score the biggest bargain on Cyber Monday

Family is one of the most important things in life, but so is competition. So it only makes sense that you combine the two on Cyber Monday.

Simply gather up your family or create a group chat, then outline the rules of your Cyber Monday competition: everyone is designated five different online retailers for a specific item, let’s say shoes. You’re then all tasked with trying to find the most heavily discounted shoe that’s sold by the retailer that you’ve been assigned to by the end of Cyber Monday.

By having your own retailer and purchasing products in one category, you can more or less avoid family members buying the same item. If two or more family members do purchase the same product or wind up with an identical discount amount, the only way to solve it is in the boxing ring. Of course, you can also engage in a harmless round of scissors, paper, rock, but as Australia’s most popular online casino you can’t blame us for wanting to raise the stakes.

4. Watch some of the best Black Friday fails on YouTube

Think that Australian’s go crazy of Black Friday deals? Think again.

To see the worst side of humanity on display, type “Black Friday fails USA” into YouTube. The videos and compilations that come up when you search this prove that just about everyone loses their mind when it comes to discounted shopping. Funnily enough, it’s always the most mundane items that trigger the most irrational responses in people.

Things such as vacuum cleaners and clothes racks don’t even get a second look when they’re on special any other time of the year. Throw a yellow sticker on these items on Black Friday though and it’s like watching a pack of hyenas on the Serengeti fight over a carcass.

5. Try to complete all of your Christmas shopping

This might not sound like a fun way to spend Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but hear us out.

As you all know, Christmas in Australia arrives in summer and summer in Australia is what many of us call the silly season. Work parties are in full swing, catchups with old friends demand a few drinks and the beautiful weather ensures you’ll be spending plenty of days at the beach. Taking all of this into account, it’s obvious that there’s precious little time left between social commitments and outdoor activities for Christmas shopping.

If you think ahead and quiz family, friends and co-workers about their ideal presents, then dedicate Black Friday and Cyber Monday to buying Christmas gifts, you can avoid the last-minute rush to the chemist or petrol station that you’ll inevitably have to do come Christmas eve.

Then again you could always just purchase gift vouchers for everyone.

Problem solved.

6. Go against the grain and commit to not spending a cent

Here’s one for you rebels.

How about not spending a single cent during Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Just put away your wallet, close the curtains and bunker down until both days have passed. You might even want to consider unplugging your WIFI, less you’re lured by an online retailer advertising two-for-one toasters at the top of your browser window.

The good thing about taking this approach to Black Friday and Cyber Monday is that you’ll save a bit of cash. The best thing about it though is that you can look down your nose at all the people who were sucked in by those cheap prices and once-a-year specials.

Just don’t forget to throw up an obligatory Facebook post telling everyone that you won’t be fooled by big business’s nefarious attempts at spreading capitalism across the world. Because what’s the point of taking the moral high ground if nobody knows you’re doing it?

7. Embark on a Black Friday scavenger hunt with your mates

Scavenger hunts were all the rage when we were wee little kiddies, but just because you’re all grown up doesn’t mean you can’t partake in them. In fact, we’d argue that as a fully grown human, scavenger hunts become all the more fun. And there’s no better time of year to embark on a scavenger hunt than during Black Friday.

To get your hunt off the ground, all you’ll need to do is make a list of weird and obscure items and share said list with your closest mates. The aim here is to be the first one to collect all of the items from the different online and physical stores in your local area.

Examples of items that can be found on your list include a Babushka doll, an extension cord, nail polish remover, a black Biro and a kid’s size 4 slipper. Essentially, as long as the products are sold by a variety of different retailers and are all on special then you’re good to go.

Once the game begins it’s every man and woman for themselves. Friends become foes and relationships forged over years of adversity will mean nothing to you. Oh, you’ll have fun too, that’s for sure. But when you combine the Black Friday madness with an adult scavenger hunts, people change.

Taking this into account it’s best to all agree that what happens on your Black Friday scavenger hunt, stays on the Black Friday scavenger hunt. Otherwise it may just be the last time you and your friends ever talk again.

8. Eat only black-coloured foods on the Friday

Bear with us, because this one might be hard to stomach.

To really throw yourself into the spirit of Black Friday, you could resort to eating only black-coloured foods. And before you scrunch up your nose and mutter “Yuck” under your breath, perhaps we should consider all the different vegetables, pastas, desserts and cheeses with the potential to bring you over to the dark side.

First up we have black velvet cake, which is pretty much just the original you know and love with a monocoloured twist. Then there are Oreos, although we’ll have to overlook their milky middle. Black lentils, squid ink pasta, black corn and black sushi rolls are just a few other items that you can chow down on come Black Friday. Black as coal cheddar cheese should also be on the menu.

If you’re still turning your nose up in disgust at these suggestions, you could always just add a bit of black food dye to the meals that you’d normally eat. Although once you see what black scrambled eggs or black steak looks like, we guarantee you’ll want to stick to foods that are naturally darkened.

9. Top up your Fair Go account first thing on Cyber Monday

We’re not here to tell you how you should spend your money come Cyber Monday. At the end of the day it’s your hard-earned cash and you should do with it as you please. If you’d like to put it somewhere that has the potential to pay you back though, our humble opinion is that you should top up your Fair Go account.
By adding credit to your account you’ll have the opportunity to claim any one of the many deposit bonuses we have on offer. These bonuses might then give you a leg up on winning more coin on your favourite pokie. Play for long enough and you’ll boost your odds of triggering one of those life-changing jackpots.

Think about it; you’re going to be spending money on Cyber Monday anyway. Don’t you want to at least attempt at getting a return on the money you fork out? The team here at Australia’s most popular online casino sure do think so. And come to think of it, I guess we are here to tell you how to spend your money.

10. Throw a Black Friday/Cyber Monday party

To make this event one for the record books you could throw a rager on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Assuming you’re the fun-loving type, this is a sure-fire way to get people celebrating this once-a-year shopping event.

You can even up the ante by making it a party with a dress code: guests are only allowed to wear clothes that they’ve purchased on Black Friday or on Cyber Monday, depending on what day they rock up to the party.

We assure you that nobody will care about spending the entire weekend nursing a vicious hangover if they’re wearing new clothes. Nor will they mind rolling into work come Tuesday if their Cyber Monday was spent dancing, drinking and gossiping about the great deals they’ve found.

If the general consensus on Monday is that the morning after will be too tough to bear though, just turn it into Terrific Tuesday and keep the party going.

Fill your event calendar this November with a little help from your friends at Fair Go today!

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