Enjoy fast-paced gameplay and a classic design when you play 777

777 is an impressive new online pokie that proves you can take the pokie out of the pub, but you can’t take the magic out of the pokie. So if you’re looking for an authentic Australian punting experience, you can’t go past this classic title. Available to play right now with Fair Go casino.

Game Details

  • Developer: Realtime Gaming
  • Reels: 3
  • Top award: 1,000 times the bet (Normal), 1,680 time the bet (High), jackpot (Super)
  • Substitute symbol: Cards
  • Jackpot: Progressive
  • Paylines: 1
  • Bonus rounds: Yes
  • Bonus type: Prize multipliers
  • Platforms: Instant play, mobile

Play 777 now


Online casino games come and go but timeless pokies such as 777 will always be popular. The reason being that it doesn’t include any unnecessary features, but instead offers up a stripped back playing experience that will put you in the mood to win whenever you fire it up. What’s more, 777 achieves this pared down appeal all the while looking and feeling just like a traditional pokie or slot.

Don’t just take our word for it though. 777 is begging to be played right now at Fair Go casino. So simply head on over to our site and have a digital slap on this spectacular title from Wednesday 10th July. With tiered payouts and a unique feature round on offer, you’ll no doubt fall head over heels for this new online pokie. Alternatively, you can also check out the rest of this article for more information about it.


To say that 777 has a magic quality to it would be underselling its appeal. With bright lights, realistic sound effects and modest yet stylish animations, the brains behind this bold new pokie have struck the perfect balance between time-honoured design, modern technology and good vibes.

It nearly goes without saying then that 777 is an incredibly charming online pokie. Made all the more appealing due to its jackpot, free spin offers, tiered payouts and prize multipliers. The HOLD feature, which can be activated after a winning combination, also adds an extra element of excitement by building on your current win and boosting your payout amount.

Even though 777 offers a simplified playing experience, you’ll never feel bored or disengaged. One of the reasons for this comes back to the fact that you can switch between a Normal, High or Super bet, with Normal offering lower payouts and Super putting you in the running to win the jackpot. To increase your odds of walking away with a few extra dollars in your pocket, we suggest toggling between High and Super.

A pay table sits to the right of the screen, controls are located across the bottom, a jackpot timer is positioned at the top and the main game interface occupies centre stage. The good thing about this layout is that newcomers will find it easy to navigate while veteran punters will appreciate the minimalist aesthetic.


In keeping with 777’s pokie machine theme, it boasts pretty much all the symbols that one can find on a pokie screen. This includes the iconic Bar (shown as singles or in groups of two and three), Playing Cards and the lucky number 7.

The Playing Cards are the game’s scatters that can trigger the jackpot when three are landed on a Super bet. Not only do they substitute for all symbols in a line win, they also multiply the amount paid out in that win by 3x. More than one multiplier may match and multiply in a win up to 9x.

Feature Round

777’s HOLD feature is probably one of its most endearing characteristics in addition to its nostalgic vibe. This feature, which applies to all symbols in the pay table, will be activated after a winning combination. After which point, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Choose either one or two reels by selecting the hold button under the corresponding reel (when 2 reels are held the third hold button is greyed out)
  • When each hold button is clicked, an extra bet amount will be calculated to increase the total bet amount
  • Once you’ve confirmed the bet amount, you can commence the HOLD feature round

Some rules when it comes to the HOLD feature round:

  • The bet amount for this round is determined by the bet you made on your last paid game
  • This round will only pay a winning combination if it’s higher than the payout of the winning combination that activated the feature in the first place
  • If three Playing Card wilds appear, all hold buttons will be disabled until the next new game round

Where to Play

You don’t have to visit your local betting establishment or the pub in order to play an action-packed pokie machine. With 777, you can take the magic of the pokies with you wherever you go, simply by playing it online with Fair Go casino. So stay tuned and enjoy a casino game that offers up big wins and looks good doing it.