The team here at Fair Go casino recently sat down with Kev the Koala and had a yarn about what makes Australia so great. This conversation was originally meant to last for a few minutes. A few hours later, however, and we were still coming up with reasons why we love the Land Down Under. There’s just so many things that we adore about it.

Being able to wear pluggers to a wedding is bloody epic. Having a former prime minister that held the world record for skolling beer is unreal. And the fact we are the only continent on planet earth without any active volcanoes sure does help us sleep better at night.

Yep… Australia really is an unbelievable place to live. But if you needed more proof as to why Fair Go casino and Kev the Koala reckon it tops the list when it comes to stunning countries, check out the following article.

1. Diverse landscapes

From snowy peaks and coral reefs to lush tropical forests and red sand deserts that seem to stretch forever, Australia is home to a diverse array of spectacular landscapes. This makes it an awesome country to reside in if you’re a fan of the great outdoors or simply a believer in that old saying, “variety is the spice of life”.

Our unique geography ensures there’s always something new to see and do. Whether that be bushwalking in Victoria’s hinterland, surfing New South Wales’ picture-perfect Northern Rivers region or embarking on a tour of the remote Top End.

With so many special landscapes on offer, you’ll never be bored when you’re in Australia… nor will you ever be short of remarkable Instagram photos to post. We’ve also got 8,222 islands that you can explore for when you want to change things up and get off the mainland.

2. Incredible wines

Australia may be a bit of a latecomer when it comes to grape cultivation and wine production, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hold our own on an international scale. This is evidenced by the fact we’re currently the world's fifth largest exporter of wine in the world. With roughly 780 million litres a year being sold on the global export market.

Australians are also drinking much more wine these days. 50 years ago, we drank 20 times more beer than wine. These days, however, we only drink three times more beer. It's said that wine may soon become Australia’s alcoholic beverage of choice, with Tooheys and VB being replaced by Penfolds and Yellowtail.

As for the most popular types of wine found within Australia, this list includes shiraz, cabernet sauvignon (aka cab sav), merlot, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, sémillon and riesling. Most of which are produced in the Margaret River region in Western Australia, the Yarra Valley in South Australia and the Hunter Valley in New South Wales.

3. Fanatical about sport

It doesn’t matter whether it’s cockroach races or rugby league, us Australians are fanatical about our sport. In fact, you could even say that sport is part of our cultural identity. With many people playing a combination of cricket, rugby league, rugby union, soccer or AFL depending on where we grew up.

AFL is popular in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, while rugby league is widely played in New South Wales and Queensland. Soccer, cricket and rugby union on the other hand are played countrywide. As is lawn bowls, which any Australian over the age of 65 will tell you is the country’s real national sport.

On an international scale, Australia is and has been involved with the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Cricket World Cup, Rugby World Cup, Rugby League World Cup and the FIFA World Cup. These events have born some of our country’s greatest legends and most memorable moments. We’re really just a nation of players and enthusiasts after all. Which is just one of the reasons why we have so many winners at Fair Go casino.

4. Beautiful cities

When it comes to beautiful cities, Australia’s got it covered. From buzzing metropolises to picturesque but lesser-known destinations, our cities have just about everything one needs to be happy and have a good time. Unspoiled beaches, stunning nature walks, five-star restaurants and entertainment options a plenty can be found in almost every Australian city.

Sydney for example has one of the prettiest skylines in the world, while Melbourne is known far and wide as the cultural and artistic capital of our country. Darwin is a small city with a big town vibe and Perth boasts beaches that’ll have you researching houses to buy within 5 minutes of arriving there.

If we wanted to name all of the best features of each Australian city, we’d be here for way too long. On a whole though, Australian cities are clean, attractive and full of interesting things to see, eat and do. Although Kev the Koala still reckons you can’t beat the Aussie bush. And to be honest… we tend to agree.

5. Unspoiled coastlines

Australia has the sixth longest coastline in the world at 59,736 km in addition to 36 coastal bioregions, each with their own unique ecosystem. The majority of our coasts are also far and away from cities or any signs of civilisation. This means that they remain for the most part untouched and unspoiled.

As such, packing up on the car on a weekend and driving a couple of hours north or south along the coast can deliver you to your own private beach. With no one around and nothing but the sounds of the ocean and the sunshine and sand to keep you company.

One of the main reasons that our coastline stays spotless is the Keep Australia Beautiful program. This program is responsible for running a Clean Beach initiative that rewards communities who care for their dunes, waterways and animal habitats. As well as those who educate the community, reduce litter and support sustainable tourism.

6. Meat pies and sausage rolls

Come on; you didn’t think we were going to write an article about the things that make Australia an awesome place to live and not mention meat pies and sausage rolls, did you? Because together these two things have fed more Australians than Woolies and Coles combined. We’d even wager that many of those great sporting heroes we talked about before drew their strength from meat pies and sausage rolls.

Ok, maybe that’s not entirely accurate. But what is true is that a meat pie or sausage roll with tomato sauce at your local cornerstone bakery is always a winner. Like playing online with Fair Go casino or picking up a deposit bonus, these meat and pastry treats will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

In addition to tasting positively delicious, the honest meat pie and its dependable sidekick the sausage roll can also substitute for any meal of the day. So whether you’re running late for work and need a quick breakfast or are struck down with a sudden case of late night cravings, a meat pie and sausage roll will do the trick… unless you prefer an Aussie burger with the lot that is.

7. Unique flora and fauna

Because Australia is an island and therefore geographically isolated, our flora and fauna has evolved independent to other places around the world. This means we now have plants and animals not found anywhere else. Barring a few closely related species on continents that were once part of the supercontinent Gondwana.

Latest figures have our native species at one million. With more than 80% of all flowering plants, reptiles, frogs, mammals and freshwater fish plus 50% of our birds unique to Australia. We’re also home to 1,700 coral species, 50 types of marine mammal and 4,000 saltwater fish species. Many of which are only found in the Southern Ocean off the bottom of Australia.

8. Awesome climate

Not all of the news about Australia’s weather is true. Yes, it sometimes rains and no, not every day is a great day for the beach. That being said, we are lucky to have some of the best weather in the world which ensures we’re able to spend a lot of our free time outside.

When talking about our awesome climate, it’s probably also worth mentioning that Australia is a massive country. This means temperatures and conditions are always different between the north and south, west and east. So if you feel inclined to do so, you can always escape the heat or the cold.

Having the freedom to choose what type of climate you want to reside in whilst still remaining in the same country is therefore one of the best things about living in Australia. With Kev the Koala loving the fact he can surf in the morning then jump in the car and snowboard in the afternoon… when he’s not napping that is.