Father’s Day is the one day of the year when it’s ok to spoil dad. Falling on the first Sunday in September within Australia, it’s also a great chance to show your old man how much you care about him. Of course, to some of us here in Australia, Father’s Day is celebrated a little differently to other parts of the world. With an emphasis on treating him to a special experience rather than an actual gift. Because let’s be honest, if your old man already has you to call a son or daughter, then surely he can’t want for anything else? Although in case he does, here are 9 uniquely Australian ways to celebrate Father’s Day.

1. Shout him a pre-Father’s Day Bunning’s feed

Nothing says “I love you, dad” like shouting him a good honest feed. And nothing says good honest feed like a Bunnings Warehouse sausage sizzle. All that’s required is that you conduct some research as to where the closest sizzle is being held. From there you can make a beeline and join the queue for a midmorning snag. Watch as his face lights up at the site of countless sausages being cooked on the barby and savour the moment when he proudly names you his favourite child.

2. Plan a weekend-long camping trip together

Camping with your old man is a time-honoured tradition in Australia. As such, when Father’s Day rolls around and you’re stuck for ideas, you can fall back on a camping trip knowing your dad will be totally down. Pick a nice riverside or beachside camping spot and throw a few fishing rods and surfboards in the back. If you prefer to spend your camping trip doing sweet nothing, all you need is an esky full of libations and plenty of meat for the BBQ. Either way, a camping trip with dad is a unique Australian way to celebrate Father’s Day. Who knows? Chances are you’ll prob bump into Kev the Koala while you’re out there.

3. Hit the waves and enjoy a saltwater bonding session

If you’re a keen surfer, then Father’s Day is a perfect opportunity to catch a few waves with dad. You’ll both enjoy being outdoors and relish the adventure that comes with finding a good place to surf. The fact that you’ll spend a lot of time checking different beaches and then waiting in the lineup for waves to come also means you have plenty of time to chat. Just remember that it is Father’s Day after all, which means no dropping in on dad or burning him on the wave of the day.

4. Donate to a charity on his behalf

Assuming that your dad is a benevolent soul, we’re sure he’d love it if you donated some money on his behalf. This can be done via a local fundraiser or through a national charity organisation of your choosing. The Australian Men's Shed Association, Beyond Blue and Men’s Wellbeing Inc. are some of the more popular options. However, if you want to donate to a charity on your dad’s behalf, you could also ask him which one he would prefer. Tossing a few shekels to a local sporting club on gameday is also acceptable for those who want to help out at a grassroots level. Something we here at Australia’s favourite online casino are fully supportive of.

5. Take him out for a casual lunch

Dads aren’t all that difficult to figure out. At the end of the day they all want is to feel appreciated by the people in their life. Another way that you can show your old boy you care then is by taking him out for a casual lunch. Aim for somewhere that’s halfway between your local takeaway shop and a fancy restaurant - a classy pub or surf club will do nicely. While you’re there, let him know that you’re paying, and everything is on the menu. If he wants to treat himself to tiramisu for an entrée and a 2.5-kilogram wagyu steak for dessert, that’s his call. What’s important is that he enjoys the experience and leaves the joint with a full belly… in addition to a month’s worth of protein.

6. Leave him alone for the morning

For most dads who selflessly divide their time between working and hanging with their family, a little bit of alone time may just be what they need. So instead of waking your old boy up with a phone call at the crack of dawn and marching him to the nearest pub or restaurant for lunch, let him be. Give him a chance to sleep in on a Sunday and actually enjoy doing nothing at all. Bonus points if you cook him brekkie in the morning before you bail for the day or stock the fridge with his favourite stubbies just in time for the Sunday footy. You can always catch up with him for dinner later on, but on Father’s Day the morning should belong to dad.

7. Treat him to a gift voucher at his favourite store

Celebrating Father’s Day really isn’t that difficult. In fact, putting a smile on your old boy’s dial is as easy as treating him to a gift voucher at his favourite store. To the team here at Australia’s favourite online casino, the classic gift voucher is a win-win situation. You don’t have to stress about what to buy him and he has the freedom to choose a gift for himself. Menswear stores, automotive parts and accessories retailers, surf hardware shops and even a voucher to his favourite café are all viable options. If you really want to finish the day as his number one son or daughter though, you could even offer to top up his Fair Go account.

8. Give his car a thorough clean and top it up with fuel

Grand gestures aren’t all that necessary when it comes to Father’s Day. What most dads actually want is for you to make their life that little bit easier. And one of the best ways to do this is by offering to give his car a clean and top up the tank. By doing so you’ll save him the hassle of cleaning the car himself and save him time and money on having to grab some fuel. It might not sound like much, but we guarantee he’ll appreciate the effort. Plus… who wants to clean out their own car? Not anyone here at Australia’s favourite online casino and certainly not your dad on a Sunday that’s for sure.

9. Write a card listing all his best qualities

Reckon your dad would love something a bit more personal than a full tank of fuel? Then why don’t you go old-school and write him a card. It doesn’t have to be mushy or overtly sentimental and it won’t cost you much. All that’s required is that you sit down and write about some of the qualities he possesses that you admire. It could be his patience, his resilience, his sense of humour or even he superb taste when it comes to online casinos. No matter what you decide to write though, just make sure it comes from the heart.