Running a top-notch casino isn’t just about having all the latest games and offering regular promotions to our favourite members. It’s also about ensuring your entire online experience is seamless, safe and responsive.

One of the ways that we make playing with Fair Go light and breezy is by providing members such as yourself with a wide range of popular online casino deposit and withdrawal methods.

Each of these methods is subject to 128-bit SSL data encryption technology and supported by a number of other industry standard security protocols.

Most of all though, they have been tried and tested and stand up to our own rigorous standards for safety and ease of use.

So if you’re about to make a deposit with Fair Go Casino and would like to discover which method is right for you, the following article will most definitively help.

Alternatively, if you have never deposited with Fair Go and are about to make your first ever transaction, you can also find a wealth of information as to how these deposit methods actually work.

1. Bitcoin

A highly-regarded virtual currency that can easily fund your gaming endeavours

Bitcoin is one of our more popular online casino deposit methods. Fast, safe and incredibly simple to use, it took the world by storm back in 2009 when it was created. Of course, it was only a matter of time before our online casino took notice and we began to incorporate it into our own offerings as well.

How does depositing with Bitcoin work?

You might think that a deposit method as innovative as Bitcoin is complicated and difficult to understand. However, quite the opposite is true. If you would like to deposit using Bitcoin, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download a trusted digital wallet
  2. Load your wallet with Bitcoin by placing and paying for your order at an authorised loading point
  3. Select the Bitcoin deposit option when you top up your account and follow the onscreen prompts (min. deposit $25)

What are some advantages of using Bitcoin?

  • Low minimum deposit amount means you have a greater amount of control over how much you play with
  • Bitcoin is 100% anonymous so your account information is protected
  • There are no fees on withdrawals
  • It’s possible to use Bitcoin to play with Fair Go if you are based outside of Australia

Who is this deposit method right for?

Bitcoin is a popular online casino deposit method for Fair Go members who value privacy and usability above all else. It will also appeal to gamers who are already familiar with virtual currencies and would like more flexibility surrounding how little they are able to deposit at any one time.

2. POLi

The payment option that’s trusted by massive companies and individuals alike

POLi is considered to be one of the most reliable and popular online casino deposit methods for Fair Go gamers. Developed by Australia Post, it’s currently used by well-known companies such as Emirates, Qantas, Sportsbet and Microsoft. With POLi, you can top up your Fair Go account in confidence knowing that your cash is being sent to where it needs to go.

How does depositing with POLi work?

The experience of depositing with POLi can best be described as being quick and easy. If this sounds like the type of deposit method you can get on board with, check out the steps below and learn just how it works:

  1. Select the POLi option on our deposit screen, choose your bank and click proceed
  2. Login to your online bank by entering the relevant details
  3. Hit confirm to complete the transaction (min. deposit $20)

What are some advantages of using POLi?

  • POLi is a streamlined deposit method that allows for instantaneous deposits
  • Your funds go straight from your bank account to your Fair Go account which means there’s no need to share credit card details
  • We don’t make you register for POLi deposits
  • POLI doesn’t collect any personal data that you input

Who is this deposit method right for?

If you’re a true-blue Australia looking for a deposit method that’s trusted by some of the biggest brands around the world, POLi will be right up your alley. The fact that it is also allows you to deposit instantly without having to provide credit card details also means it’s great for those who would prefer not to divulge any sensitive financial information.

3. Neosurf

For safe and simple online transactions using a discreet prepaid voucher

When it comes to making deposits online, not everyone is thrilled by the idea of having to reach for their credit card or login to their bank account. If you’re the type of person who would rather play with Fair Go the old fashion way, you’ll be pleased to know that Neosurf is a prepaid voucher that can be paid for in cold hard cash. 

How does depositing with Neosurf work?

Unlike other popular online casino deposit methods, payments into your Fair Go account with Neosurf are facilitated by a special prepaid card. This card can be purchased from authorised retailers all over Australia. Once you have your Neosurf voucher, it’s then simply a matter of:

  1. Selecting Neosurf as your preferred deposit method at Fair Go
  2. Entering the unique 10-character pin into the applicable field
  3. Choosing the total amount that you would like to deposit (min. deposit $10)

What are some advantages of using Neosurf?

  • Payments are made in-person via cash or card which means no payment details are shared online
  • Neosurf prepaid cards can be easily purchased from hundreds of retail points throughout Australia (supermarkets, convenience stores, newsagencies, gas stations, kiosks, internet cafes etc.)
  • The minimum deposit amount of $10 gives you greater flexibility over how much you play with
  • Your card can be redeemed online immediately after purchase, allowing you to play with Fair Go right away

Who is this deposit method right for?

Many of our customers choose to deposit online with Neosurf cash vouchers because it is both convenient and incredibly easy to do so. The fact that you don’t need to register any information and that your voucher is ready to use right away is also an advantage to those who like to keep the action rolling. Better yet, Neosurf’s low minimum deposit means that $10 in change can be added to your account, which could then turn into a considerable jackpot… if you’re lucky that is.

4. Visa

The no-fuss way to pay and play online using a credit card

Visa is one of the most widely used deposit methods amongst our members. It offers a high level of security, fantastic customer service and a high degree of convenience due to it being accepted as a form of payment for practically all goods and services. This means that you are probably comfortable paying with Visa when it comes to online transactions too.

How does depositing with Visa work?

Depositing with Visa is somewhat similar to the steps you must take in order to pay for something online using any type of credit card. The only difference is that you will need to file a form signifying that you would like to use Visa as a deposit method before topping up your account. Otherwise, the steps for depositing with Visa are as follows:

  1. Select the credit and debit card option from the deposit screen
  2. Nominate an amount that you would like to deposit
  3. Confirm the payment (min. deposit $20)

What are some advantages of using Visa?

  • Multiple layers of security prevent, detect and resolve fraud
  • Visa has a reputation for being a tried and tested payment system
  • Deposits are processed instantly so you can play sooner rather than later
  • There is a high degree of familiarity in using a Visa card that may make it more appealing than other payment methods

Who is this deposit method right for?

It’s hard to go past Visa as a deposit method. Relied upon by literally hundreds of thousands of business the world over, you would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t paid with Visa before. If you demand instant payments and will accept nothing less than total peace of mind when it comes to online transactions, Visa is the deposit option for you.

5. MasterCard

For fast transactions with a card that features intelligent fraud protection

With its stellar worldwide reputation and ease of use, MasterCard is a deposit option that rivals Visa in terms of popularity. Both of these card options are similar in the sense that they offer fast and secure transaction. MasterCard, however, is also renowned for its use of sophisticated fraud fighting capabilities.

How does depositing with Mastercard work?

Like Visa, you will need to fill out our standard credit card payment perform before you are able to deposit with MasterCard. Once this information is on file, all that’s required is for you to follow the steps below in order to top up your account:

  1. Select the credit and debit card option from the deposit screen
  2. Nominate an amount that you would like to deposit
  3. Confirm the payment (min. deposit $20)

What are some advantages of using Mastercard?

  • Protection against fraud using multilayered security and ID theft protection measures
  • You get peace of mind knowing that MasterCard is trusted by leading organisations and institutions throughout the world
  • Seamless transactions that makes topping up a breeze
  • Your nominated amount is instantly credited to your Fair Go account

Who is this deposit method right for?

If accessibility and security are two things that you look for when it comes to choosing a deposit method, MasterCard deserves your consideration. It’s simple to use and it allows you to top up your account quickly, which as we all know means more time playing your favourite online casino games and less time mucking around.

Deposit at Fair Go with any one of these fast, safe and simple methods today.

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