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G'day mates and welcome to a pokie so wild it makes the Serengeti look tame. We're talking 'bout Big Cat Links of course. And while it features big cats that don't exist in Oz, this pokie brings them into sharp focus. Lions, lionesses and cubs abound. And with 5 jackpots and an abundance of lush bonus rounds, it may just be the purrrfect African savannah-themed pokie.

Game Details

Launch date: 12th July 2023 

  • Volatility: High
  • Reels: 5x3
  • Top award: 50,000-coins
  • Substitute: WILD
  • Scatters: BONUS
  • Jackpot: 5
  • Paylines: 50-fixed
  • Bonus rounds: Yes
  • Bonus type:Free games, jackpots, free games, respins, extra free spins
  • Platforms: Mobile, Instant Play.


What's the only thing better than going on safari? Hustling roar-some payouts from the comfort of your own home, that's what! Seriously... who needs a long-haul flight and starchy khaki safari clothes when you can get up close and personal with big cats right here!

Of course, that's not the only thing you'll be up close and personal with. There are more ways to win on this pokie than Africa has lions - for reals! So don't be afraid to reach through the proverbial cage and stroke this pokie as if it were a sleeping apex predator. You'll be surprised at what it gives back!

From riveting gameplay to a fresh-faced theme and almost too-good-to-be-true bonus rounds, it's no wonder Big Cat Links has tongues wagging. But enough of this preamble. It's making us tired! Let's cut to the good stuff and start running with the pride.


Picture this. You've just rolled out of bed. Your hair is a mess. But before you lays the most beautiful sunrise you've ever seen. In the distance, you hear the roar of a line. The thumping of padded feet on the dry earth. Now, stop picturing it and pull up Big Cat Links, because this is the type of scene that awaits.

As you can tell, we really loved playing this one. And not only because it has high volatility gameplay, 50 paylines, multiple jackpots and a wild symbol, scatter symbol, gold coin and oversized symbols - the works! So don't be bogged down by the technicalities. Instead, just go with your gut and enjoy the ride. It's gonna be a wild one!

In terms of overall feel, we've had reports from other Fair Go legends that it's overwhelming at first. All those symbols, the bonus rounds, the 5 jackpots. It's a lot. Just give it a few spins and you'll be sweet. Take it from us, this is one pokie that's worth pouncing on.



African savannah symbols abound in this steamy yet feliney pokie. From desert-dwelling animals to a plethora of low-paying but interesting symbols, you never know what's going to pop up.

The symbols you want to pop up though are definitely the BONUS scatter and the WILD substitute. As always, the BONUS triggers free games and the WILD completes winning combos by substituting for any other symbol (except the BONUS).

There's also a Coin symbol that can lead to jackpots (yummy) and Oversized Symbols that take the form of a Lion and Lioness.

Did somebody say meow?

Bonus rounds

Ready to take your African safari experience to the next level? Then you'll want to take advantage of the Big Cat Links bonus rounds! From free games triggered by BONUS scatters to Coin symbols that can lead to jackpots, this pokie is packed with opportunities for big wins. And if you're lucky enough, you'll even get a chance at one of 5 jackpots! Are you ready to explore what's on offer?

Oversized Symbols

Oversized Symbols, such as the Lion and Lioness, expand to either 2x2 or 3x3 and cover large parts of the gameboard (which is 5x3).

The 2x2 symbol occupies 4 symbol positions while the 3x3 symbol occupies 9 symbol positions. So as you can see, they can lead to some pretty massive wins. Better yet, multiple Oversized Symbols can appear at once. This will only further your payout potential!

Free Games

When the BONUS lands on the reels, the Free Games round will begin. How many free games will you receive? That depends on the number of BONUS symbols that have landed.

  • 3 scatter symbols trigger 10 free games
  • 4 scatter symbols trigger 15 free games
  • 5 scatter symbols trigger 20 free games

As an added benefit, 5 extra free spins are awarded whenever 3 or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the gameboard. So realistically, more than 20 free games are possible. You might even get the chance to play up to 100 free games!

Fortune Link

Remember when we mentioned those Coin symbols earlier? We haven't forgotten! 6 or more of these on the reels activate the Fortune Link round.

The Coins are locked in place and the remaining wheels spin independently. More Coins on the reels mean you could land either a Mini, Minor, Major or Grand jackpot. 15 reels covering all positions though will earn you the Super Grand Jackpot... talk about wild!

Where to play?

What a silly question! Of course the only place to play is at Fair Go - Australia's most fair dinkum, true-blue, outrageously ocker online casino. So grab that mobile or laptop or whatever device has Wi-Fi and spin into the African savannah with Big Cat Links. Prizes are lurking in the grass and it's time to spot 'em!

Redeem code "BIGCAT-BLOG" for 10 completely free spins on Big Cat Links. Bonus is valid until July 25th. General T&C applies.

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