Characters are what make all stories great. Just think about some of your favourite films, those classic novels and the most famous plays. Where would Die Hard be without John McLean, Lord of the Rings without Frodo and Batman without… well…. Batman?

We guarantee that one of the main reasons why you love a movie, book or stage performance comes back to the personalities within them and online pokies are no different.

When you visit Fair Go casino and peruse our selection of online pokies, you will see a wide range of different characters adorning the game symbol. From the imperious, powerful and historic Caesar to creatures of myth and legend such as the little green leprechaun from Lucky 6.

These figureheads not only give you an indication as to the theme of the game you’re set to play, they also make their respective pokie decidedly more engaging. But did you ever wonder what their back story was?

In this article, the team here at Fair Go casino give you a unique insight into the history, legends and stories that accompany particular pokie characters.

Expect tales of betrayal, retellings that feature woman with unbelievable hairstyle integrity and stories that reveal the reality of show business.

It’s about to get real at Fair Go casino. Are you ready to learn all about our most popular online casino characters?

Wu Zetian

Wu Zetian was one of the most formidable women ever to come out of China. Raised in a wealthy family, she was taught to read, write and play music. Her education made her a rarity amongst the females of her time, however, she did not squander her advantages.
Once of age she began working at the imperial palace and subsequently become the second wife to Emperor Gaozong, much to the dismay of his first wife. A rivalry grew between the two women and when Wu Zetian’s daughter died unexpectedly, she framed the Emperor’s first wife for murder.

This led to a chain of events that would see Wu Zetian usher in the Zhou dynasty, take the title of emperor, become the first and only woman to ever rule China. More importantly for us though, her exploits inspired an incredibly popular pokie that proudly carries her name.


For many of you the film Troy might have been your first introduction to the legend of Achilles, but let us assure you that his history is much more epic than the movie gives away.

Son of a Greek king and a sea nymph mother, Achilles was one of the greatest heroes and strongest warriors in Greek mythology.

So special was he to his parents that his mother dipped him in the River Styx in order to make him invincible. Since she held him by the heel when doing so though, that area did not touch the water and consequently it remained the only human part of him.

When the Trojan Wars began, Achilles was called into battle on behalf of the Greeks. After bitter fighting between opposing sides that included both gods and mortals, Achilles was felled by an arrow to the heel that was fired by Paris, the prince of Troy.

The good news for Achilles is that his death was not in vain and that his name lives on in not only the tendon that connects our heel to our calf but also in an awesome online pokie.

Rudolph the Reindeer

While Rudolph Awakens features a very bitter and some would even say scary reindeer, the original fictional character is much less dangerous. Created in 1939 by Robert Lewis May, the first iteration of Rudolph had him using his luminous red nose in order to help guide Santa through a harsh snowstorm on Christmas Eve.

While initially teased because of his strange red nose, it turned out the thing that made Rudolph different from the other reindeers was also the thing that made him special to Santa.

It’s hard to image that he could have become so vindictive when we see Rudolph Awakens. But then again, 80-odd years of working for the same person might turn you bitter too.


Arguably the most famous of all Roman emperors, Caesar was responsible for putting an end to the Roman republic, eventually being named the dictator of Rome.

Before he became dictator though, he was a highly celebrated general. Conquering swaths of land in what is now modern-day France, he earned the admiration of the Roman people through his deeds.

After being refused the position of Consul of Rome, which was the second most powerful position in the government, he marched on the capital and took control of the nation.

He changed Rome in many ways during his reign, both for the better and the worse. Eventually he was killed by an angry mob of senators after being stabbed 23 times.

Not a great way to go but I guess we have to give thanks to this despotic ruler. Without his ambitious rise to the top, the title we now love as Caesar’s Empire might have been called Caesar’s Backyard.


If we head across the Mediterranean Sea a few years after Caesar’s death, we find ourselves in the kingdom of Egypt and in the palace of the exceedingly striking Cleopatra.

Born into the royal family, Cleopatra’s parents and ancestors had ruled Egypt for 300 years. After her father passed away, she was married off to her younger brother (yes… times we’re very different back then). They then co-ruled the kingdom until the brother kicked her out of the palace and claimed the throne for himself.

Rome then invaded Cleopatra, which the princess in waiting took an opportunity to claim back her crown. She allied herself with powerful Roman generals such as Julius Caesar and Marc Antony, who was also her lover, and fought battles on both European and Egyptian soil.

Eventually she died, although no one knows how. Upon hearing the news her lover Marc Antony plunged a sword into his stomach and killed himself too. While there’s not as much drama in her pokie titled Cleopatra’s Gold, we can assure you that many of your playing sessions will end a lot better than Cleopatra’s life story did.


While you might think you know the story of Rapunzel, did you know that she was cursed because her mum ate a forbidden salad in a sorceress’s garden?

We weren’t aware of this interesting little titbit either, but we probably shouldn’t be surprised. The Brothers Grimm who first published this fairytale back in 1812 were no strangers to outlandish storytelling. 

For a girl to have freakishly long hair, be stuck in a tower and have a dashing prince scale her locks in order to set her free actually doesn’t rank as being particularly bizarre to them.

They did publish over 200 folk tales that have since been translated into 160 different languages after all, each of which was weirder than the next.

When we consider all of them, Rapunzel is just another tale of a damsel in distress that’s inspired the pokie Hairway to Heaven, although it could also just as well be a tale of the perils of leafy greens.

The Mariachi Band

Mexican Mariachi music is more than just flamboyant costumes and an unmistakeably folksy sound. It’s a direct link to the culture of Mexico and a style of music that has the power to serenade star crossed lovers, stir revolutions and kickstart any party.

Mariachi music dates back to the 18th century, and a typical Mariachi band consists of as many as two trumpets, eight violins and at least one guitar. Each band member also takes turns singing while the other provide backup vocals.

One reason why Mariachi bands are so revered is they are expected to know hundreds of different songs. This is because they only play requests.

Of course, we love Mariachi music due to the fact that it has also given rise to beloved pokies such as The Mariachi 5. We should also mention that nothing gets the Fair Go mascots dancing like a few bars of the iconic Mariachi song, “La Cucaracha”.


Mischievous, mysterious and renowned beyond the borders of the Emerald Isles, the legendary leprechaun is one of Ireland’s most famous exports.

Part of Irish folklore, the leprechaun is described as being a type of fairy that wears green clothing, has a bushy red beard and stands at about one metre tall.

Many live down rabbit holes or inside hollow tree trunks. This means that they are incredibly hard to spot and even harder to catch.

Manage to wrangle yourself a leprechaun the next time you’re in Ireland though and you will be granted three wishes.

Otherwise you can simply kick back on the couch and play Lucky 6 for a chance to score some serious prizes courtesy of the game’s resident leprechaun.

Ritchie Valens

Before he graced pokie screens, Ritchie Valens was a Mexican American singer/songwriter who spearheaded the Chicano rock movement.
He was brought up listening to (yep… you guessed it) Mariachi music by his Mexican parents, moving on to flamenco guitar, R&B and jump blues as he got older.

All of these musical styles influenced Valens’ style and before long he was churning out numerous hits, with songs such as “La Bamba” and “Donna” topping the chars in 1958.

Unfortunately, the energetic young rock and roller would meet an untimely end eight months into his recording career when he died in a plane crash alongside fellow musicians Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper.

Still though his music lives on and as you might expect the Ritchie Valens La Bamba online pokie captures the vibrant soul of this singer in more ways than one. 

The Three Stooges

Here at Fair Go casino, we like to think we have a sense of humour. Truth be told though we could never hold a flame to the American comedy trio The Three Stooges.

Performing as a vaudeville act between the 1930s and well into the 70s, The Three Stooges consisted of Moe, Larry and Curly. Originally making a name for themselves on Broadway with their anarchic brand of slapstick comedy, Moe, Larry and Curly went on to be cast in a number of short and feature length films.

These days The Three Stooges are considered to be one of the most beloved comedy acts in America and they’re faces are instantly recognisable due to the proliferation of merchandising material that uses their images, catchlines and gags.

If you are keen for a chuckle and would like a chance at winning big on an incredibly fun online title, you can always test your luck on The Three Stooges: Brideless Groom or The Three Stooges II pokies.

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