Even to other English speakers, Australian English can seem like a completely different language. You can attribute some of this to our unique accents, but there’s no denying that we’ve also developed a pretty interesting vocabulary to complement that ocker drawl, with the vast majority of our larrikin lexicon making most people raise an eyebrow in bewilderment.

To be clear, we’re not talking about “throwing another shrimp on the barby” either, which is more or less a soundbite that while fun to say, isn’t commonly used within our sandy borders. We’re talking about phrases that you might overhear at an outback pub, in the surf or at a local rugby league game murmured between mates. Phrases so Australian that to utter them in public is to evoke the very spirit of everything our Sunburnt Country stands for.

So as Australia’s favourite online casino, we believe it’s our duty to share with you some of the funniest things Australians say and what they really mean. In the hope that you’ll learn a little bit about our unique culture and finally be able to understand what in the bloody hell we’re saying.

1. Wrap your laughing gear around that

Meaning: When someone indicates you should laugh at something. Example: Did you see that new Netflix comedy special? You boys can definitely wrap your laughing gear around that.

2. Budgie smugglers

Meaning: Referring to a pair of men’s Speedos and how wearing them makes you look like you’re hiding a small bird in the front.

Example: Hey Prime Minister Abbott, what’s with the budgie smugglers?

3. Spit the dummy

Meaning: To get angry over something trivial.

Example: Just because there’s koala fur in your sushi, doesn’t mean you need to spit the dummy.

4. Have a red-hot crack

Meaning: Attempting something with the intention of giving it your best shot.

Example: I’m going to have a red-hot crack at Fair Go’s latest promotion.

5. Esky

Meaning: A cooler or portable insulated contained for keeping drinks cold.

Example: Hey fellas where did you put that esky with the beers?

6. Few kangaroos/roos loose in the top paddock

Meaning: Not particularly smart. Often used when referring to someone after they’ve done something stupid or idiotic.

Example: Hear what Donald Trump just said? I think he’s got a few roos loose in the top paddock.

7. Having a whinge

Meaning: To complain.

Example: There’s no point having a whinge if you miss out on Fair Go’s awesome promotions. Just check your email inbox more often.

8. Fair dinkum

Meaning: Authentic, genuine.

Example: Fair Go casino is fair dinkum.

9. You little ripper

Meaning: Words of encouragement or a statement of excitement after a victory of some sort.

Example: I just won the jackpot on Australia’s favourite casino… you little ripper!

10. Sus it out/Have a sus

Meaning: Having a closer look at something.

Example: A pub that offers $10 drink and chicken parmigiana lunch specials? I need to go sus it out.

11. Strewth

Meaning: An exclamation of surprise or dismay. Similar to damn.

Example: Strewth! I’ve just missed out on Kev the Koala’s latest diary entry.

12. Ridgey-didge

Meaning: If something looks well-built or a person is trustworthy, they’re said to be ridgey-didge.

Example: I’m not an expert when it comes to construction, but the Sydney Harbour Bridge sure does look ridgey-didge.

13. To go walkabout

Meaning: When a person disappears without explanation and with no indication of where they are going.

Example: If I can’t find the money to pay my rent this month, I may have to go walkabout.

14. Pull your head in

Meaning: Behave, act properly, don’t be an idiot, don’t talk nonsense.

Example: You think Shannon Noll is better than Guy Sebastian? Pull your head in, mate!

15. Chuck a sickie

Meaning: Take a day off work. Literally to have a sick day.

Example: If the surf is good tomorrow, I’m going to call the boss and chuck a sickie.

16. Out woop-woop

Meaning: A collective term for a location beyond your immediate surrounds. Generally used when talking about something or someone who is far away.

Example: I’ve got a mate who grew up somewhere out woop-woop.

17. Face like a dropped pie

Meaning: An ugly person.

Example: Lucky that bloke has a radio show because he’s got a face like a dropped pie.

18. Having a Barry Crocker

Meaning: Rhyming slang for shocker, which is something bad or disappointing. Example: He must be having a real Barry Crocker to miss that penalty goal from right in front of the posts.

19. Neck oil

Meaning: Beer.

Example: There’s nothing better than a swig of neck oil on a Friday afternoon.

20. Fit/Built like a Mallee bull

Meaning: The Mallee is a famous region in western Victoria known for beef production and breeding strong bulls. A muscular man is therefore compared to a bull in this area.

Example: That bloke goes to the gym six days a week and is built like a Mallee bull.

21. No worries/dramas

Meaning: Don’t worry about it, don’t sweat it.

Example: Mate, no worries if you can’t come to the pub tonight. I’ll drink for the both of us.

22. Have a Captain Cook

Meaning: To have a quick look at something.

Example: I think Australia’s favourite online casino is running another promotion, so I better have a Captain Cook at my casino inbox.

23. Ankle biter

Meaning: A young child or more specifically a toddler.

Example: Those little ankle biters… they grow up so fast.

24. Buggerlugs

Meaning: Used as a term of endearment but in a cheeky manner. Your niece or nephew might be called buggerlugs.

Example: Come here buggerlugs and tell me how your first day of school was.

25. Trackie-dacks

Meaning: Tracksuit pants. Totally acceptable clothing to wear during winter in Australia. Normally paired with Ugg boots.

Example: I’m not leaving the house today without my trackie-dacks on.

26. Carrying on like a pork chop

Meaning: Being an idiot, acting like a fool.

Example: That bloke is carrying on like a pork chop just because they cancelled Farmer Wants a Wife.

27. Up the duff

Meaning: To become pregnant.

Example: Did you hear? Sheila is pregnant!

28. Hard Yakka

Meaning: Uniquely Australian term for hard work.

Example: I’ll tell you what mate, shearing those sheep today was hard yakka.

29. You beauty

Meaning: An exclamation of joy or enthusiasm. Often used when referring to a heroic sporting act.

Example: Did you see him score that goal? You beauty!

30. Aussie burger with the lot

Meaning: Hamburger in Australia with lettuce, beetroot, onion, bacon, pineapple, tomatoes, egg, pickles, cheese, beef patty and sauce.

Example: I’ll take a hamburger with the lot thanks love… and make sure to add extra beetroot.

31. Flamin’ galah

Meaning: Used when you are denouncing or chastising a person for something bad they did or said.

Example: I can’t believe you didn’t become a member of Fair Go casino… you flamin’ galah.

32. She’ll be right

Meaning: It’s going to be ok, don’t worry about it.

Example: If I leave the esky outside all the ice might melt, but I’m pretty sure she’ll be right.