Luck is a slippery thing.

Sometimes you have it, most of the time you don’t. The problem is that for professional gamblers and part-time punters, luck is something that we need 24/7.

It’s luck that helps us win big on an exciting new pokie, luck that gets our horse across the line at the Melbourne Cup and luck that gives you the edge when you’re playing an online casino game.

In short, we could all do with a bit of luck, which is why the team here at Australia’s favourite online casino have come up with the following list.

In it you’ll find 10 interesting rituals and traditions that seasoned gamblers, ancient cultures and even your run of the mill betting man swears by. And although we can’t guarantee you’ll get lucky just by implementing some of these into your life, what we can say for sure is that they won’t make you unlucky… so you might as well give them a shot!

1. Carry a lucky charm

Keeping a lucky charm by your side whenever you have a punt is one of the most time-honoured luck bringing traditions on the planet.

These charms come in an assortment of forms. Many of which are downright strange and make you wonder how they were ever considered lucky in the first place. That aside though, you should consider carrying a lucky charm the next time you play with Fair Go casino.

Some objects, animals and trinkets said to bring luck include acorns, elephants, dream catchers and carp scales. The most popular lucky charm however is probably the four-leaf clover, which is supposed to grant you the power to see fairies in addition to helping you win on your preferred online pokie.

2. Base your betting strategy around a lucky number

In addition to lucky charms, certain numbers are also meant to impart a great deal of good fortune on any individual who believes in their power.

These lucky numbers are often unique for every person, with everyone having their own Master Number, Expression Number and Life Path Number, according to the practice of numerology.

On a universal scale though, the numbers 8, 5, 7 and 9 are considered to be good luck. With 666, while often associated with Satan in the West, also being a good luck number in Eastern culture.

Of course, there are also numbers that have been deemed to be unlucky for one reason or another. These are 13 and 4.

The number 13 in particular has generated hysteria to the point that if you have an irrational fear of this number, you’re said to be suffering from triskaidekaphobia, which may not be such a bad thing if 13 really is a cursed digit.

Implementing lucky numbers into your betting strategy and avoiding unlucky numbers is but another ritual many gamblers adhere to.

Maybe give it a try the next time you play with Australia’s favourite online casino?

3. Kissing your dice before rolling them

We’ve all seen this one played out on TV or in films.

The elegantly dressed lady walks up to the roulette table, the dapper man holds a pair of dice up to her chin, then the lady then proceeds to kiss the dice before the man throws them onto the table to secure a dramatic win.

Did you ever wonder where this practice came from though?

Turns out, kissing a pair of dice is alleged to bring good luck to the dice holder. What’s more, some people believe that merely putting lips to plastic isn’t enough and insist that you need to lick the die in order to make the ploy work.

The origin of this practice isn’t totally clear, but supposedly it’s based on the long-held belief that you’ll be able to influence Lady Luck to help you out by kissing or licking a die. One thing that’s for certain though is that this is highly unhygienic, especially if you’re sharing said dice with hundreds of total strangers at a crowded casino.

For this reason, it’s also ok to simply blow on the dice if you want to give yourself every chance of scoring that jackpot… and every chance of not catching a cold.

4. Dress only in red

If you’re looking for snazzy clothes to wear the next time you play with Australia’s favourite online casino, at least make sure they’re red.

According to Chinese tradition, red represents a number of admirable qualities, including good fortune, wealth and joy. For this reason, wearing red while gambling is said to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot or winning a big hand.

This custom is so strong in China that brides actually wear a red dress instead of a white one. And any visit to a Chinese casino will be met with the startling realisation that just about everyone has at least one red item of clothing.

For those of you who don’t find red particularly flattering though, we have the answer. Simply rock some red underwear and pray that Lady Luck notices the hidden burst of colour beneath your clothes.

5. Not crossing your fingers or legs

Crossing your fingers, your legs or even your toes (if you’re endowed with this unusual talent) is the worst thing you can do if you’re a gambler. Most people, however, aren’t aware of this. And in the United Kingdom, the logo for the national lottery is in fact, two crossed fingers. Crazy, right?

So the next time you sit down to play with us, keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and whatever you do don’t cross your fingers. Oh… and if you can cross your toes, maybe just don’t do that ever. It weirds us out.

6. Weaving some magic and casting a spell

Here’s one for all of you who’ve read one too many Harry Potter books.

It might be considered strange, but apparently weaving some magic or recanting a spell is something gamblers do when they want to boost their odds. A quick Google as to how to go about this gets more results than what you might have thought was possible, which just goes to show how superstitious many punters are.

To try it for yourself, wear a pendant that features San Expedito, the patron saint for those who need rapid solutions to their problems. Then source a special candle, such as a black cat candle, and recite the following prayer:

I invoke thee,

Gods of abundance,

Draw money and luck towards me,

May abundance flow freely in my life,

Now and forever.

Maybe use a koala candle instead of a black cat one honouring our very own Kev the Koala.

7. Carry a mojo bag

A mojo bag is essentially a flannel or leather bag that contains magical amulets, trinkets and items that have special significance to their owner. They are said to be one of the most formidable methods for connecting with your spirit guide and tapping into the power of Lady Luck.

Originally, mojo bags were made to be used as part of Hoodoo rituals. These days though, mojo bags can be seen hanging from the hip of eccentric gamblers and superstitious punters throughout the world.

Before you rush out and grab a mojo bag, there’s a few things you should know that will determine how effective your mojo bag is and whether or not it works at all.

Firstly, a mojo bag should never be shared or even touched by anyone but you, thereby ensuring its power remains linked to your aura.

Secondly, you should also keep your mojo bag in contact with your skin for the first 7 days that you own it. This way you can ensuring it becomes accustomed to your presence.

Assuming you follow these first two steps, you can then fill your mojo bag with personal items or good luck charms that mean something to you.

They can even be powdered with special lucky bringing concoctions that are rumoured to increase their potency.

8. Make your own luck

Here’s a novel idea… why not make your own luck?

It is easier than you think after all. All that’s required to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot on some of our most exciting online pokies is that you keep an eye on your email and casino inbox. It’s in these two places that we’ll send you regular promotions and special bonuses.

We’re Australia’s favourite online casino for a reason, so instead of putting your faith in questionable lucky charms and rituals, put your faith in us.