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Strap yourself in for the ultimate candy raid! Sweet 16 Blast is blowing up at Fair Go casino. With insane new features, x100 multipliers and the ability to buy more luck, this AWP pokie is like a sugar rush for your bank balance!

Game Details

Launch date: 29th June 2022 

  • Volatility: Medium
  • Reels: 6
  • Top award: 50,000-coins
  • Substitute: No substitutes
  • Scatter: Heart
  • Jackpot: Game without jackpots
  • Paylines: AWP
  • Bonus rounds: Yes
  • Bonus type: Free games, prize multipliers, buy free spins, add scatters, cascading wins
  • Platforms: Mobile, Instant Play


Willy Wonka might be famous for having an entire factory made of candy and chocolate, but not even that purple-clothed weirdo can hold a candle to the confectionery-themed fun of Sweet 16 Blast.

Following on from the tooth-achingly exciting Sweet 16, the second installment of this pokie series takes the original theme and smothers it in bigger, better and sweeter prizes!

From the fact you can now buy free spins to the ridiculously massive prize multipliers and cascading wins, Sweet 16 Blast will blow you away with its generosity. So no matter your diet or your preference for lollies - this new game makes it easy to raid the Fair Go candy store for some amazing payouts.

Read on below to get the inside scoop on how to win a motzah on Sweet 16 Blast or claim your new game bonus and get punting today. It's time to dip your hand into the lolly jar and pull out a fistful of fantastic cash prizes.


As you can imagine, this All Ways Pay pokie is flush with ways to win. It's also bursting at the seams with colours and interesting new features that have us licking our chops in excitement.

For example, there are 6-reels and 5-rows on the gameboard, which means you can win up to 12 of a kind if the same symbols land on the reels. It's also medium volatility, so the payouts won't be as big as some of the other Fair Go casino slots, but they'll come around more frequently.

Then there's the top award - at 50,000-coins, it's nothing to shirk at. Let's not forget about the three different bonus features either. Each of which is radically different to the other and can offer everything from free games to prize multipliers and more.

Of course, with all these incredible features, there has to be one drawback. That is that there's actually no substitute symbol in Sweet 16 Blast. None, nada, zip, zero (although truth be told, we didn't even realise it was missing until after a few hours of playing it).

As for the overall vibe of this new Fair Go game, it's safe to say that it's bright and cheerful. It's also one of the more innovative All Ways Pay slots we've played in a while, which is really saying something.

So if you're looking for an online pokie that's sweet, colourful and comes with some awesome bonus features, then we reckon this latest release is just the ticket.


Close your eyes and picture a candy-themed slot. Now, what type of symbols do you think appear on these reels? Gummy bears? Wrapped chocolate? Jelly candies?

If you can visualise all of these and more, you already know what the symbols in Sweet 16 Blast look like - but let's not fill up our bellies with these various low and high-paying symbols.

The sweetest treat in Sweet 16 Blast is the Heart scatter that triggers the free games bonus round. All you need to do is land multiple Hearts on the gameboard. You'll then activate this epic bonus round and begin filling your pockets with juicy and delicious goodies!<

Bonus Rounds

Like the jelly or sweet stuff in the middle of a lollipop, the best parts of Sweet 16 Blast are the delicious bonus rounds. There are three in total and they're all more awesome than the last. Ready to take a bite? Let's dive in...

Free Games

Like all good pokies, Sweet 16 Blast has a solid free games bonus round. Unlike other pokies though, this one comes with a lot of bells and whistles. For example, it's triggered when you land 4 Heart scatters on the reels and not the standard minimum of 3.

Don't be discouraged by this though, because as soon as you hit that fourth Heart, you'll be awarded a whopping 10 free spins! And if that's not enough to get your heart racing, how about the fact that every win during this bonus round is subject to a fantastic multiplier? That's right, each win comes with a boost of between x2 and x100.

These multipliers will keep on climbing too, with every subsequent win adding to the value of the multiplier. So if you manage to hit a string of wins, you could be looking at some seriously syrupy payouts!

Even sweeter is the fact that you can re-trigger this bonus round by landing just 3 more Hearts during your free spins. Doing so will award you with an additional 5 free spins, giving you the opportunity to really rack up some impressive wins!

Buy Feature

Ever been playing a boring pokie only to wish you could just "buy" a free spin or something to make the game more interesting? Well, you're in luck! The Buy Feature in Sweet 16 Blast allows you to do just that.

For the price of x100 your current total bet, you can purchase a free games spin at any time.Once you've purchased your triggering spin, the game will automatically play it for you - and all Free Games rules still apply. So if you hit that magical fourth Heart during your purchased spin, you'll still get those sweet, sweet multipliers.

Just keep in mind that if you purchase a spin through the Buy Feature, the Bonus Bet Feature will be disabled. So it's up to you whether you want to take that risk! But what's the Bonus Bet Feature you ask?

Bonus Bet Feature

Once again, we ask you to imagine how good it would be if you could actively control the fate of your spins? Because in this mouth-watering new pokie it's totally possible!

Just like the name suggests, the Bonus Bet Feature allows you to increase your chances of triggering the Free Games feature by adding more Heart scatter symbols to each reel. When you have this feature active, your current total bet will be increased by x25 - but it's totally worth it!

The best part is that the Bonus Bet stays active until you manually disable it. So if you want to keep those increased odds of triggering the Free Games feature, you can! Just remember that while this feature is active, the Buy Feature will be disabled.

Where to play?

So there you have it!

Sweet 16 Blast is a deliciously fun new pokie that Fair Go members can enjoy on their mobile, desktop, laptop or tablet. With its awesome bonus features and spectacular graphics, it's sure to be a hit with both veteran and rookie punters. Now, excuse us for a moment while we raid the lolly store for some prizes of our own!

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