It’s not the oldest debate that you’ll come across, but the question as to whether online pokies or land-based pokies are better is relevant as heck to us.

As you might’ve guessed… we’re on the side of online pokies. That’s not because we host a whole bunch of world-class online titles though. No, it’s legitimately because online pokies are better. Reckon we’re right?

If not, we hope this article will help open your eyes to the many advantages of playing online pokies versus actual pokie machines. So read on if you’re in the mood for some learnin’. Everything you need to know about online pokies can be found right here.

More convenient

The first benefit to playing online pokies has to be their convenience. While you could argue that land-based machines are comparable in terms of fun, they don’t hold a flame to online pokies when it comes to this.

Consider the point that online pokies can be played on your mobile for example. This means you can literally take them wherever you want without having to worry about travel time or finding a gambling establishment that’s open. Simply pull your phone out of your pocket, go to Fair Go casino and start winning on your favourite game – easy.

We don’t know about you, but convenience ranks pretty high for us in a lot of areas. We like our food quick, our beers within arm’s reach and our pokies ready to go whenever the fancy strikes us. Pokie machines, on the other hand, can’t be lugged around wherever you go… no matter how strong you are.

They’re firmly rooted in place and you need to visit a pub, club, bar or RSL to play them. Now we’re not saying that’s a massive bummer, but in times like this… convenience is the way to go

Wider selection

How many pokies are in the average club? 20? 30? 100? It really depends on the size of the club, but there’s one place where you can find over 250 different titles all in the one place – Fair Go.

With such a vast selection under a single roof, you can easily find a new game to fall in love with or a beloved classic. All it takes is a few taps of your thumb or the click of a button and you’re set. No walking up and down the aisles searching for a title that catches your eye. No being disappointed when you roll up to your local pub, only to find your favourite pokie is out of order.

Online pokies allow you to play whatever game your heart desires. For us that means there’s really no comparison. Having a wide selection of pokies at your fingertips is positively epic. Not to mention that it takes way less space to store them. Hashtag blessed.

No wait times

Some things in life are worth waiting for. A good feed, summer weather and the day you leave for your holiday, for example. There are some things, however, that you shouldn’t have to wait around for… like playing your pokie of choice.

Life’s too short for queues after all, which is what can happen at some pubs, clubs or RSLs – you arrive only to find the machine you’ve been waiting to play all day is actually occupied. It’s a bummer when this happens, and you often have to settle for second best. The truth is though, you should be able to play your favourite online… queues be damned.

This is where online pokies are clearly better. You never have to wait (unless your Wi-Fi is dodgy) and there’s no such thing as a digital queue. You can literally play a pokie or any other online casino game in the time it takes to open your laptop screen or pull out your phone. Depending on how fast you are, they could be a matter of microseconds.

Exclusive bonus offers

When we ask your fellow members what they love most about Fair Go, what do you think they say? Well, for the majority of them it’s our regular bonus offers and generous promotions (although many also said Kev the Koala is a big winner) that keep them coming back.

Koala’s Diary, Game of the Month and the many random special emails we send can all change your luck at a moment’s notice. That’s because they provide a certain X-factor by giving you extra credit to play with. This doesn’t happen with land-based machines. Instead, you have to get by on your own bankroll without any help from a friendly casino provider.

This means you will always end up spending more on bricks-and-mortar machines as opposed to online pokies. And while some of you may not mind seeing your cash reap a jackpot reward, it’s much easier to win when you’ve got Fair Go on your side. Check out or current promotions by clicking here and discover what’s available to redeem today.

Impressive graphics and animations

As technology has advanced, so to have the quality of both online and land-based pokie machines.

Now both types feature impressive graphics and dynamic sound effects. But while land-based machines are mainly two-dimensional, online pokies have implemented cutting-edge rendering and three-dimensional technology to create some truly stunning games.

Take Pulsar, Banana Jones and Frog Fortunes for example – three titles that use state of the art graphics to enhance your online gaming experience. The animations are so engaging and entertaining that they feel more like a video game than an online pokie.

Actual physical pokie machines, on the other hand, always feel like you’re playing a pokie. This is of course fine. Pokies are fun no matter whether you play online or in a pub, club or bar. Still though, land-based machines can’t rival online slots for graphics and animations.


Some people don’t mind being surrounded by patrons when they’re playing a pokie, others prefer some peace and quiet while they’re trying to win the big bucks. For those that fall into the latter category, online pokies are the way to go.

You don’t have anyone hovering around you constantly asking if you’re done on the machine, nor do you have to worry about anyone scoping out your winnings. This allows you to get in the zone and actually focus on what matters – having fun and spinning to win.

Sure, the atmosphere of a club, pub or bar can be nice. What with all the people in a jolly mood and some libations to liven up the vibe. But ask any pokie playing veteran whether they like to be disturbed while playing and there are no prizes for guessing their answer.

Multiple currencies accepted

Fair Go is about as Australian as Russell Coight, Rugby League and pavlova, but we understand that with the advent of the internet the world has become a small place. These days we have players spread across the globe. All of whom flock to the sunny shores of our online casino for a winning taste of Australiana.

One might think that this poses a problem when it comes to betting with different currencies, but for our members it’s no drama. The reason being that our different banking options allow you to deposit and withdraw using any currency under the sky. So whether you’re a visitor from the UK or you’re playing from somewhere in the States, we can easily swap your cash for Fair Go credit and get you winning lickity split.

This is something that land-based casinos cannot compete with. For starters, you actually need to be in Australia to play an Aussie pokie machine. For online titles though you can play from afar and not have to worry about travel costs or losing money when converting to AUD.

All in all, we’re staunch believers in online pokies being superior to their land-based counterparts. But we’re not here to push you one way or another. We’ll leave it to you, our legendary Fair Go members, to make up your own mind. Either way we’ll be here for you when you want to play hard and win big.

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