Fair Go Casino and Other Great Aussie Inventions

Some say our isolated geography is the reason why us Aussies are such a smart and innovative bunch. Instead of relying on everyone else to come up with clever solutions, we have had to count on our own ingenuity to take us into the 21st century… and way beyond.

What is gratifying is that many of our innovations have surpassed all expectations. Right now, there are countless products, systems and medical devices that may be plastered with the Proudly Australian logo but are standard fare across the globe.

One such standout invention is Fair Go Casino… you know that awesome cross-channel gambling destination that is designed to thrill?

We may not have come up with the RTG software or online and digital technology but we have come up with a Koala-infused gaming brand that is purpose built for dingo loving Australians.

Before we get into the best features of our green and gold Aussie online casino, let’s take a look at three inventions that have transformed Straya from a British penitentiary into a world leader in smarts:

Synroc: Synthetic Rock that Guzzles Radio-Active Waste

Thanks to a clever fella called Professor Ted Ringwood, there is no urgent need for an ambo or firey when it comes to the safe disposal of radio-active waste. Now nasty stuff like plutonium, uranium and thorium can be stored in synthetic rock called Synroc and immobilised for a few million years.

That means evil villains like Raoul Silva or Ernst Blofeld can’t get their hands on the material their minions need to manufacture a nuclear bomb - and blow us all to smithereens!

Ringwood basically made a type of ceramic that contained a melange of natural geochemically stable titanite minerals like hollandite, zirconolite, perovskite and other weirdly named hosts of hazardous waste.

These hosts mimicked the crystal structures of nearly all the elements found in radio-active waste, making it the proverbial ‘match made in heaven’. By matching the crystalline structures Synroc had the innate capability to hold and store high levels of deadly waste.

Nowadays, rocks are custom built to contain just one or more of the selective hosts specific to different types of radio-active material. Plutonium for example is best kept under lock and key in Synroc predominantly made from either zirconolite or perovskite. Got it?

Without the inspired invention by a true blue Australian we would still be stashing nuclear waste in cement vaults in the sea - vaults that by the way are reputed to be leaking as we speak.

What has radio-active waste disposal got to do with Fair Go Online Casino? Well, they are both pretty explosive innovations we can justifiably be really proud of!

JORN: Australia’s High-Tech Land and Sea Early Warning System

The Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN) is what keeps Aussies like you and I safe. It’s a collection of over-the-horizon radars that detect and track missiles, ships and stealth aircraft from the turbulence they create as they travel through the water or air.

Unlike conventional radar that uses microwaves to identify targets, Jindalee uses high frequency skywave technology together with the earth’s ionosphere.

JORN consists of multiple installations located in different parts of Australia. Each location has a powerful transmitter that consistently beams high frequency signals into the sky.

The signals then bounce or refract off the ionosphere to illuminate any targets invading Australia’s sea or air space. Returning echoes from targets are sent back to receiver sites where the data is analysed and the appropriate responses are activated.

Jindalee is a highly effective military surveillance system that has an official range of 3,000 km. Along with identifying and tracking enemy craft, it can detect wave heights and wind direction to provide the navy and air force with reliable and up to the minute information.

With JORN keeping a watchful eye over Australia y’all can fire up the game engines of Fair Go Casino online, without a worry in the world! The only invaders you have to concern yourself with are the space invaders in your head!

Robotic Visual Horizon System: Automated Bee-Inspired Horizon Detection

If you have ever done aerobatics you will know there are a million things to think of when you pull off manoeuvres like slow rolls, loops and the split-S. In a combat situation there is even less time to respond.

When you’re a pilot knowing exactly where you are in relation to the horizon is critical. If your gyroscope plays up or relays the incorrect information, you are thick in the proverbial poo.

A rather ingenious Aussie by the name of Saul Thurrowgood - together with a team of scientists and researchers - noticed that honeybees were amazingly adroit at stabilising themselves as they buzzed their way between flowers and over obstacles in a series of difficult manoeuvres.

After a bit of research Thurrowgood discovered bees have an incredible span of vision. They can see in all directions simultaneously and see everything at all times. As a result, they can navigate the environment perfectly and effortlessly.

Thurrowgood emulated the bees all-seeing capabilities and developed an autopilot system that guides aircraft through complex manoeuvres more quickly and accurately than the gyroscope.

By fitting wide angle cameras to the plane’s nose and paring the images with a computer system that instantly differentiates the sky from the land, the system takes just one thousandth of a second to measure the precise position of the horizon.

According to Thurrowgood NASA is interested in using bee-based technology in its next expedition to Mars – now how’s that for an all-seeing and all-knowing coup for Australia!

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Now that know Australians really are a clever and creative bunch you can take advantage of the best Aussie inventions ever. By that we don’t necessarily mean Carlton Draught or Penfolds Shiraz, although we’re not adverse to a bit of tipple now and again.

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