Las Vegas. Is there a city in the world that conjures up more images of debauchery, bad manners and unbelievable acts of outrageousness? We think not. It’s pretty much the modern-day equivalent of Sodom and Gomorra. A place where everything goes and hedonism is the status quo.

No one is going to Las Vegas to admire the architecture. They probably won’t even go outside unless they have to. Everyone who visits there is there for one thing only – to gamble. Many would-be winners arrive in the City of Neon Lights with dollar signs in their eyes and credit cards lining their wallets. Only a few ever leave with credit cards in the green.

Most visitors to Las Vegas manage to have fun, because really that’s what it’s all about. There are, however, a few individuals that have put the capital of Nevada on the map for the wrong reasons. In this article, we present to you some of the most ludicrous, humorous and sometimes stupendous things that people do while in Las Vegas.

The following list includes some seriously crazy Vegas stories that Fair Go casino has heard from a mate of a mate who works there. This means that they’re 100% legit with none of the normal flourish that Kev the Koala adds to his tales. So read on and enjoy our latest article. We guarantee you’ll feel a little bit better about yourself by the end of it.

1. Godfather of gambling

The OG whale isn’t Kerry Packer or Ken Watanabe, who can both claim to have won and lost small fortunes in their time. Instead, it’s a former oil tycoon from the States by the name of Edward “Tiger Mike” Davis who proudly held the crown as the ultimate high roller. Now deceased, his reputation and his many run-ins with land-based casinos live on. He’s now considered to be one of the original big betters in Las Vegas.

It’s rumoured that he even wore suits that were custom-made with secret stash pockets where he could hide wads of cash and weapons such as pistols. Hey… better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it, right? In any case, he was an absolute baller that carted hundreds of thousands of dollars around in bills in the back of his car, just in case he felt like dropping a couple of hundred grand on a table game.

For all his bravado and legendary feats though, “Tiger Mike” was never a great gambler. It’s said that he lost millions upon millions in different casinos, such as the Bellagio and the Wynn. Many who knew him also say that he spent his final months trying to win some of this money back… but to no success. This means that if his kids ever want to claim some inheritance money, they’ll have to go to Las Vegas to find it.

2. Femme fatale

The story of the Las Vegas femme fatale is a tale as old as the City of Neon Lights itself, but that won’t stop us sharing it here once again. For those unfamiliar with the ins and outs of this ruse, it starts with a heavily inebriated Canadian national on a buck’s weekend in Las Vegas striking up a conversation with an attractive girl while gambling at the craps table.

He wins a bit of money and begins getting confident. More drinks are ordered and before they know it, they’re making a beeline for his room upstairs. Presumably they have a fun night together, doing what drunk couples do when they’re in a hotel. Room service, pillow fights, etc.

The real drama begins when the man wakes up in the morning and the woman is nowhere to be seen. The only trace that she was even there is a note that was left on the bedside table. It reads, “Thanks for a nice night. Sorry it came to this. I have your wallet, your phone and some cash I took from your bag. I also took some potentially life-destroying photos of you while you were passed out and I want $10K within 48 hours or I’ll make them public”.

Luckily for the man, clearer heads prevailed. He went straight to the Canadian embassy in Las Vegas and they contacted the local police, who then traced the phone to the woman and arrested her before the photos could be posted. If anything, it’s a word of warning to all would-be Romeos in Las Vegas.

3. Rum rampage

Alcohol can do strange things to a man. In can totally muddle you up and make even the easiest tasks seem wildly unachievable, but it can also have you seeing double if you manage to consume too much of it. What qualifies as too much though? Well that normally depends on the person drinking, but unless you’re a pirate we can all safely assume that drinking a large bottle of rum all to yourself is too much. Either that or you’re the guy from this story.

It begins with the aforementioned guy punishing a whole bottle of rum in his hotel room while having pre-drinks with friends. As it was the first night of their trip, excitement levels were high and there was a sense that anything could happen. After polishing off the bottle, the lads headed out for a night on the town - dangerous levels of intoxication be damned.

In what we’re sure felt like the blink of any eye, the boys were waking up in their hotel room with no recollection of what occurred the night before. The only record of their adventures could be found on their phone, which had a mix of videos and images. These videos and pictures told a tale that has Las Vegas written all over it.

The first video has them trying to get back into their room, only for someone else to open the door and explain to them that not only where they on the wrong floor, they were in an entirely wrong hotel. After pictures of them passed out under casino tables, throwing up in bins and otherwise causing carnage, there was another video of one of the boys getting into a fight.

Apparently, this Rocky Balboa wannabe was walking down a long hallway to the bathroom at the casino, only to be blocked from going in by a man coming the other way. It’s worth mentioning that our mate was more or less catatonic at this stage, but this didn’t stop him exchanging a few words with the human roadblock.

Voices were raised, fists were shaken and a punch was thrown. As soon as the punch connected with the man though, it became obvious that the person blocking the way was just the reflection of our drunken friend in the mirror. This act of self-harm led to bloody knuckles, smashed glass and a pretty entertaining video. Talk about making a scene, right?

4. Splash fountain

We love a good brunch here at Fair Go. Heck… Kev the Koala says that it’s favourite meal of the day. The only problem with having a boozy brunch in the middle of summer in a place such as Las Vegas, which is pretty much smack bang in the middle of a desert, is that things can get out of hand very, very quickly.

The good news is that not everyone wants to fight their reflection or threaten to ruin another person’s life when they’re drunk. In the case of this story, a group of young ladies when to an all-you-can-drink mimosa brunch on the Las Vegas strip. Being high summer, the pavements were as hot as lava and the air dense with heat.

After a couple of solid hours knocking back glasses of cheap champagne and citrus juice, the girls stepped out of the bar into the furnace that was Las Vegas. As they walked out, one of the girls noticed that there was a massive fountain just across the road.

The idea to jump in it with all of their clothes on was quickly passed around, and before long every single one of these boozed-up females was backstroking and splashing each other in the water below the spurt. Of course, security was pretty quick to tell them off given that the water could make them incredibly ill. Worth it for a refreshing dip? We think so… if only for the story.

5. Hush-hush hubby

Weddings are a massive deal. Not only for the bride and groom but for their friends, family and those weird relatives that are invited for the sole reason that you’re related. Some people, however, choose to forgo the whole shebang in order to elope, but there’s also a (we’re assuming) very, very small minority that get hitched and don’t tell anyone at all.

This is a story about a lady who did just that. Young, foolhardy and deeply in love, this young girl booked a trip to Las Vegas with a guy that she’d only been dating for two months. It’s not hard to guess where this is going, but we’ll fill you in on the details anyhow.

They both got blackout drunk, crashed a few parties and consumed more tequila in one night than most do in their entire lifetime. This invariably led the lovestruck couple proposing to each in front of a Las Vegas shotgun wedding chapel and then registering their nuptials at city hall.

As you can imagine, the next day was quite a doozy. Both knew that it was a bad idea, yet neither considered doing anything to annul it. They of course broke up not long after, but it wasn’t until years later that they officially divorced. This means that they both lived as husband and wife long after they had split. The real kicker though is that they didn’t tell a soul. Not even their closest friends of family.

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