Becoming a high roller is the most coveted title in the online casino world. It marks you as a committed player who is loyal to their casino and gives you access to a whole host of special benefits and playing advantages.

At Fair Go casino, these perks are highly sought after for the main reasons that you’re afforded more freedom in terms of how much you can withdraw and provided with bigger, better and more regular bonus offers.

Everyone who joins Fair Go has the opportunity to become an online casino high roller and many go on to achieve just that. For those of you who are yet to reach this illustrious status though, this guide will prove to be incredibly helpful. In it is everything you need to know about becoming a Fair Go casino high roller and the benefits that come with this title.

Check it out today if you are curious about levelling up your online casino experience and entering a world where you’re treated like a VIP each and every day.

What is a high roller

By definition a high roller is someone who consistently wagers money at either a physical or online casino.

Different online casinos have different stipulations for how their members can reach high roller status. Some go off the total amount of money a member has wagered while others take into account how long you have been with the casino in question.

In our case, a high roller is someone who plays our comprehensive selection of pokies or online casino games frequently, has been with as for a least a month and has an active depositing schedule. That’s to say that anyone who invests time and money in Fair Go will be rewarded by being granted high roller status.

Being crowned a Fair Go high roller is actually easier than you think, too. Many of our members tell us that they were surprised at how quickly they reached this status.

For those of you who are yet to be ushered into our high roller club, this proves that getting access to high roller benefits can happen to just about anyone who plays with us. 

Famous high rollers

We’ve covered some of the largest bets ever placed in a casino in another article that you can read right here. If you want to know more about some of the biggest high rollers in the world plus how they earned this title, read on below:

Tiger Woods

It seems that Tiger Woods’ skills on the golf course could rival his skills in the casino, with the professional putter and driver extraordinaire known for playing $25,000 hands in blackjack. Of course, when you’re making millions of dollars every month from endorsements and tournament wins, it’s not such a big deal. Woods is just another celebrity high roller that loves the lifestyle as much as the title.

The Sultan of Brunei

A keen gambler and lover of baccarat, the Sultan of Brunei isn’t afraid to put his money on the table. One could argue though that with a personal fortune of $40 billion, wagers up to $1 million probably don’t even make a dent. As evidence of his wealth, it’s said that he once covered all bets in a single roulette game, which came to a total of $250,000.

Kerry Packer

Kerry Packer was an industry tycoon who was known for being bullish both in business and in betting. He was rumoured to make bets in the tens of millions frequently and more often than not these bets paid off. In 1992 he won an estimated $9 million from the Hilton Las Vegas. It’s also said that he won north of $33 million from the MGM.

How to become a high roller

Becoming a high roller and unlocking a multitude of bold, brilliant and beneficial prizes is as easy as following the steps below.

Step 1: Play regularly

To become a high roller, you need to get some skin in the game. That’s to say you should be pressing that spin button, rolling those dice or flipping cards as regularly as possible. The more you play, the higher your chances are of being inducted into our high roller club. Once you make it though you can ease up and enjoy life as a big shot.

Step 2: Stay loyal

You might play with other casinos and that’s totally cool with us. But to reach the level of high roller at Fair Go, we expect you to sign up and stay with us for at least a month. This way we know you’re committed to our online casino and that you’re prepared to hang with us for longer than a few days. After all, to be a Fair Go high roller, you’ve got to love our mascots and what we offer in terms of games and bonuses. Not a hard ask now is it?

Step 3: Deposit often

The third box you need to tick in order to become a Fair Go high roller is that you should deposit often. It doesn’t matter how much you deposit, be it $20 here or $200 there. As long as we can see that you consistently top up your account, that’s fine and dandy for us. Of course, the more you deposit, the higher your odds will be of joining our high roller club. So keep that in mind the next time your loading your Fair Go account.

What benefits does it offer

There are many benefits to becoming a Fair Go casino high roller beyond the fact that you will be instantly be recognised as part of an elite club. This includes:

Withdraw up to $7,500 per week

Gone are the days when you would have to wait for the new week to start in order to withdraw your winnings. As soon as you reach high roller status your maximum withdrawal amount will increase. This means that if you have accumulated a substantial amount of winnings, you’re able to withdraw up to $7,500 per week.

Personal VIP host

As a Fair Go member, you get access to some of the best promotions south of the equator. Heck… you get access to some of the best online casino promotions in the world. But the day you become a Fair Go high roller, well, let’s just say you’ll never look back. Once you receive this honorary title, it won’t be long before you’re rolling in promotions and with any luck, swimming around in a giant pool of winnings a la Scrooge McDuck.

Enjoy better promotions

Gone are the days when you would have to wait for the new week to start in order to withdraw your winnings. As soon as you reach high roller status your maximum withdrawal amount will increase. This means that if you have accumulated a substantial amount of winnings, you’re able to withdraw up to $7,500 per week.

Weekly VIP bonus

Rain, hail or shine, you’ll be gifted an extra special and incredibly exclusive VIP bonus every Thursday. There are no strings attached and you don’t have to lift a finger except to accept the offer. You can literally kick back, do nothing and be rewarded for chilling out. If that doesn’t sound like the VIP treatment, we don’t know what does.

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